Avenue of the Giants
Humboldt, California
30 miles | 1,270 ft elevation
The Avenue of the Giants is a 32-mile road lined with redwood trees that runs through the heart of Humboldt Redwoods State Park. The riding is serene and you’ll glide underneath the canopy of trees and alongside lush green ferns.
From the Burlington Campground / Visitor Center, you are about halfway between the north entrance and south entrance, so you can head in either direction. There’s no need to do much planning in terms of a route, because it is simply an out and back from your starting point. My preference is to head north until you reach the community of Pepperwood. Turn around and ride back (past the starting point) to the town of Myers Flat or Miranda. When you’re ready, turn around and head back to the campground. There are a few spots with a little bit of climbing, but they are fairly short and make for fun descents on the way back.

An alternative starting point is to park at the Ancient Redwoods RV Park near the north entrance and riding south.
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Camping Recommendation
Burlington Campground – This location is just south of the little town of Weott and is easily accessible from the 101 freeway. The campsites are spacious and well maintained, and you can park your car at your site. The bathrooms have running water and lights, and they are clean and well-stocked with soap/toilet paper. They also have coin operated showers. You can buy firewood for $10 a bundle at the campground entrance. To make a reservation, visit https://www.reservecalifornia.com
If you prefer not to camp, there are places to stay is nearby towns, but please do your research to ensure you will be staying in a safe area.
Be sure to review the official Humboldt Redwoods State Park website for the latest information about the park. 
There aren’t many services within the park; however, you will pass through a couple small towns where you can buy some snacks.
The Avenue of the Giants is very shaded due to the tall redwood trees, so you might want to bring your glasses with clear (or light) lenses.
Check-in time at the campground is 2pm, and they will not let you check-in early. You can park at Visitor Center until the check-in time.
If you visit during the weekend, there are typically less cars on Sundays than on Saturday.
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