Half Moon Bay
Half Moon Bay, California
30 miles | 1,600 ft elevation | 23% gravel
Starting at Pillar Point Harbor in La Granada (parking is free and there are clean public restrooms) head south on the bike path and enjoy a leisurely ride on the Half Moon Bay Coastal Trail (paved) for the first 5.5 miles.
Once you cross Seymour Bridge, the path turns to gravel for 2 miles until you reach Half Moon Bay golf course (yes, you ride through the golf course!) Around mile 9, you’ll leave the golf course and be back on a gravel path. Continue south on the Cowell-Purisima Coastal Trail for the next 3 miles, taking in the epic ocean views! 
At the Cowell Purisima Trailhead, you’ll jump onto Hwy 1 for half a mile until you reach Verde Road which quickly turns into Purisima Creek Road. For the next 4 miles, enjoy the quiet, gradual climb up to Purisima Creek Trail. Enter the preserve and ride below the redwoods on gravel for as long as you like, then turn around and head back to the preserve entrance.
Hit the pavement and continue up Higgins Canyon Road, climbing for the next mile. Once you reach the top, it’s a nice descent for 3.5 miles back towards Hwy 1 (if you don’t want to get on Hwy 1, take Main Street north).
At Seymour St, cross the highway and jump on the bike path (which runs parallel to Hwy 1) for the next 3 miles until the path ends. Cross the highway again at Roosevelt Blvd, head toward the water and take the Coastal Trail back to the Harbor where you started.
(Alternatively, back around mile 23.5 you can take Seymour St west to the Coastal Trail and ride back to the Harbor the same way you started).
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