Sedona Gravel
Sedona, Arizona
15 miles | 1,015 ft elevation​​​​​​​
Sedona is a majestic and stunning place, known for its red rocks, spiritual energy, hiking and mountain biking. ATV and Pink Jeep tours are one of the most popular activities for those looking for an off-road adventure, and some of those dirt roads are perfect for an early morning gravel ride.
To explore the northwest part of Sedona near Boynton Canyon, park at one of the trailhead parking lots along Boynton Pass Rd (Fay Canyon Trailhead or Bear Mountain Trailhead) and head west. You will ride on pavement for about a mile or two (or less, depending on where you start) until the road turns to gravel (forest service road 152C). The road is very uneven and bumpy, so be prepared for a bit of a rough ride. 
After about two miles, when you reach the T in the road, head north up forest service road 525. Shortly after the turn, the road splits and you will stay to the right to continue towards the Palatki Heritage Site. The next two miles are a gradual climb until you reach the gate, at which point you will turn around and head back towards the split in the road. You will continue to the right, up forest service road 525 for about a mile and then take a left up Red Canyon Road. This steep, chunky section will take you to the top of Red Canyon Overlook, which offers a stunning 360 view of the canyon. After enjoying a scenic break, head down and make your way back to forest service road 152C and towards the starting point.
Hotel Recommendation
Enchantment Resort - Located in Boynton Canyon, this resort is surrounded by nature and you can start your hike or ride right from your hotel room. The restaurants on site are delicious and you can’t go wrong with spending an afternoon at the pool. There is a Trail House on the property where you can rent bikes and ask for route recommendations. Whether you are enjoying a delicious meal at one of the restaurants on site, or spending the afternoon relaxing at the pool, or lounging on your private patio, you are surrounded by the picturesque red rocks. The rooms are spacious and the staff is super helpful and friendly. Although it can be a bit pricey, it’s worth it if you want to feel pampered and don’t mind splurging.

Start your ride early to avoid sharing the road with the Pink Jeeps and other off-road vehicles as it can get dusty.
During peak season, trailhead parking lots may fill up (another reason to start early).
Summer can be very hot, so plan clothing and hydration accordingly.
If visiting during monsoon season, be prepared for possible rain.
If you plan to visit the Palatki Heritage Site during the ride, check their website for hours of operation, fees/reservations and where bikes are allowed. aims to provide content that is true and accurate as of the date of writing; however, the accuracy and judgement of the author is not guaranteed. and its associates are in no way liable for personal injury, loss or damage to personal property, or any other such situation that should occur to individuals following the guides, routes and recommendations. Please review the full Terms & Disclaimer.
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