Yankee Jims
Colfax, California
15 miles | 1,575 ft elevation | 47% gravel
Built in the 1930s, Yankee Jims Bridge crosses the north fork of the American River and serves as a connection between Colfax and Foresthill. It is a popular swimming hole spot during the summertime due to its inviting waters and remote charm. This out and back gravel route takes you down into the canyon to admire this historic bridge.
Starting from downtown Colfax, head south down Canyon Way. After a couple miles, you will reach the Yankee Jims Road turn off. Coast down pavement for about another mile, until the road turns to gravel. Enjoy the descent down to the river, and once you reach the bridge take a few moments to take in the view. When you’re ready to tackle the climb back up, head back the way you came.
Due to the extreme heat and popularity in the summer months, please choose the time of year (and time of day) to ride wisely and watch for vehicles.
Another popular starting point is the Weimar park and ride off I-80; however, I prefer starting in Colfax where there are more services and parking options.
A construction project is underway to retire Yankee Jims Bridge. Per a Placer County news release, “The one-lane bridge has served its rural community well, but is now considered to be structurally deficient, as it is unable to accommodate many modern vehicles and life-saving emergency vehicles. Due to its historic nature, Yankee Jims Bridge will remain in place. A new two-lane suspension bridge is planned to be built just downstream.” (published Oct 2023)
Project details and updates can be found at yankeejimsbridge.com
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